For the past 10 years I've been building a company that focuses on people and their comfort. Visual aesthetics and comfortable living - these two parameters are the most important for me when it comes to interior design.

Home... What is it for you? Is it a place to relax, work, entertain, spend time with the family, create memories? Whatever your requirements are, my mission is to create such place for you. Interiors that go well beyond visual perception. I listen very carefully to everything you share with me, trying to understand fully your needs and preferences. I transform your ideas into design concepts, creating interiors that reflect your personality and suit your lifestyle.

I value your time. I always set a time frame for the project so you know exactly what happens and when. Even if there is a delay in construction or any other issue related to the project - I am there for you to find a solution and minimize the impact. Keeping the budget under control is also important.

I follow the latest trends in the design industry to come up with fresh and innovative designs. Building your dream home might sound scary, but with the right help it can be fun and exciting!

Maria Borisova